Paper Review: Mobile Implementation and formal verification of an e-voting system

Authors: Stefano Campanelli, Allessandro Falleni, Fabio Martinelli, Marinella Petrocchi, Anna Vaccarelli
In 2008, they have proposed M-SEAS a mobile e-voting protocol that enables people to cast their votes from the majority of mobile devices, obviously including cellular phones which support Java technology. This implementation fulfills one of the important goals of e-voting, mobility. Some important aspects of this paper can be listed as follows:
• M-SEAS fixes a well-known vulnerability of a well known e-voting protocol SENSUS, that basically allows an adversary to cast votes of eligible users that, although registered, abstain to vote.
• In order to prove the correctness of M-SEAS a formal verification is performed in the paper.
• One of the most important contribution of the paper is that it presents us a real-life e-voting application based on mobile phones.
Some drawbacks can be as follows: an asymetric encryption schema utilized which needs heavy computational requirements. Although it is claimed that today’s mobile devices have capacity to do those computations faster, there is another issue of spending scarce resources such as the battery of those hend-held devices. Hence, we believe that the efficiency of the protocols used in the devices having limitted resouces should always be taken into consideration. Another drawback is that digital certificate is transfered from PC through Bluetooth. As we know that today’s technology let us to embed digital certificate in the SIM card which a more secure metodology.


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